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multibioxyskinHere you will find out your three steps to take care of your beauty.

Every walk starts with a step, the same happens with your beauty journey with Multi BiOxy Skin, an experience that helps you nourish your beauty. Softly.

Multi BiOxy Skin works to stimulate and tighten face & body tissue thanks to the reparative processes started by multipolar radiofrequency;
it helps to oxygenate and revitalize the tissue driving into the skin oxygen and natural cosmetics, based on fresh wheat grass and other precious ingredients.
it helps to relaxe/excite the client during the treatment with colourtherapy, studied sequences of colored LED lights.

In a few sessions Multi BiOxy Skin works professionally on face and body thanks to its 3 independent components: Clizia RF, Biooxyskin, Chromo.




A wonderful piece of beauty equipment: 3 independent components, and you can even divide them in 3 cabins.


CLIZIA RF - Face & Body Multipolar Radiofrequency. A cutting-edge professional compact RF device ensuring customizable programs: you can adjust frequency (0,5 or 1 MHz) and power according to the skin area, choosing among programs for face, thighs, belly.

BIOOXYSKIN This oxygen jet machine ensures powerful oxygen treatments: it hosts a US-made oxygen concentrator delivering 6 litres oxygen per minute, 93% purity, and it delivers this pure oxygen together with studied cosmetics to ensure professional oxygen facials and body treatments. The Exar cosmetics are completely natural and take care of your client from face to breast, from thighs to feet. Among the o2 treatments offered: the regenerative facial, the anti-wrinkle facial, the firming breast treatment and the heavy puffy calves & feet treatment.

Note: the Exar cosmetics are all done just with fresh herbal extracts, they are paraben free, sulphate free, petroleum jelly free, preservative free, colourant free. Each of them has been studied specifically to be used and driven into the skin together with oxygen.

CHROMO works for client wellness during the beauty facial or body treatment: its 40 LEDs offer 3 programs, studied sequences of coloured lights to help relaxation and new energy.



Multi BiOxy Skin – the beauty integration path

The oxygen treatments with BIOOXYSKIN can be enjoyed alone or after the CLIZIA RF treatments, into studied integrated protocols  defined according to the client's need. In both the cases, the colourtherapy offered by CHROMO helps the client get more easily relaxed or recharged according to his/her taste, attitude and mood. Because beauty involves body and mind and can be better nourished if you look after both. With Multi BiOxy Skin.



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