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oxyfrgranceOxyFragrance: the stylish cannula-free oxygen bar

OxyFragrance is a comfortable system to enjoy oxygen-enriched air & natural aroma. You enjoy 10 minute breathing a new quality air: enriched with oxygen and natural aroma. And you do all at your ease.

In OxyFragrance, differently from classical oxygen bars, you don't need to wear any cannula. Simply adjust the Medusa sprayers (the flexible stainless steel arms) as you like to enjoy your fresh oxygen-aroma-enriched air close to the nose, on the skin, or just in the room.

Breathe at your ease to get recharged. OxyFragrance can offer oxygen and aroma to 2 users per time.

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oxyfragrance plusOxyFragrance Plus: the cannula free oxygen bar completed with musical chairs. What else?

This system has been developed to help you get relaxed. It let you enjoy music and aroma-enriched oxygen directly into Chromo, a wrapping comfortable egg-shaped chair with footrest.

Choose your preferred aroma blend, let the relaxing music play and make yourself comfortable into Chromo. Oxyfragrance Plus was born to help you enjoy oxygen aroma benefits in very comfortable conditions.

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legendLegend -Infrared sauna or oxygen bar? Both and more.

Legend is a special oxygen integrated IR sauna: an IR cabin equipped with a system to breathe aroma-enriched oxygen during or after the thermotherapy. A professional original solution for wellness and prevention. An Italian system reserved to spa and wellness operators.

All made in Cedar, crystal glass, pyrex glass and stainless steel, Legend includes a MP3 reader, a relaxing ceiling with optical fibres light sequences in 6 colours and a double control board to let you adjust the sauna temperature and the oxygen flow from inside and outside the cabin.

Healthy effects? Legend helps to fight toxins (Infrareds Sauna function) and helps a good oxygenation (oxygen & aroma function). While sweating we burn calories but burning fats requires a lot of oxygen, that's why breathing aroma enriched oxygen during the sauna has so much sense. Legend oxygen infrareds sauna session lasts just 20 minutes.

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oxygenbreakOxygen Break: oxygen, aroma, massage and much more for your wellness.

It is a multi-sense modular system developed to help relaxation. The oxygen aroma station to enjoy aroma enriched oxygen inhalation is the heart of the system, while the chairs Oxy and Brio pamper you with a vibroacoustic musical massage and you can enjoy watching relaxing videos thanks to the integrated DVD player and the plasma video glasses. And the system includes shelves, furnishing elements, crystal glass displays, to be chosen among a wide range of optionals.
All to improve your wellness experience.

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porty paradisepO2rty + Paradise: get relaxed with studied music, aroma and oxygen.

This system offers musictherapy by listening into the cutting-edge Paradise chair and the pleasure of aroma-enriched oxygen inhalation thanks to pO2rty. For an involving experience of relaxation.
Whiles the luxury oxygen bar pO2rty offers aroma-enriched oxygen to help you have a rest and let you recharge your batteries, into Paradise you listen to special music and get relaxed into a very comfortable sitting. The ball-shaped chair Paradise offers music-therapy sessions with studied music pieces and binaural beat hemi-sync stimulation.

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o2chromoemotion2O2 Cromo Emotion: colors, sounds and scents of wellness.

Relaxation is what O2Chromo Emotion offers you, thanks to the precious mix of different functions: aroma enriched oxygen inhalation, color therapy and nice music into a comfortable embracing chair.

Great comfort achieved by using high quality materials and technologies. Aesthetically characterized by soft attractively shaped lines, the system includes a color therapy module for studied sequences of colored lights, able to help you recharge your batteries, an Aroma Station + oxygen concentrator to enjoy aroma-enriched oxygen sessions and the musical egg-shaped chair Chromo.

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Oxy Regeneration - here is a multisensory relax corner. For the sensation-seekers.

If you are a sensation-seeker, this can be an interesting oxygen system for you.

Oxy Regeneration stimulates the smell by offering aroma enriched oxygen, the touch with a cutting edge shiatsu massage chair, the hearing and the sight with Mecum, a dome (able to suit any chair) including a mini DVD player and 2 incorporated headphones to enjoy relaxing films and music.

Polyfunctional and multi-sense, the system has been studied to help you recharge your batteries and relieve tensions and fatigue.

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