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o2chromoemotion2O2 Cromo Emotion: colors, sounds and scents of wellness.

Relaxation is what O2Chromo Emotion offers you, thanks to the precious mix of different functions: aroma enriched oxygen inhalation, color therapy and nice music into a comfortable embracing chair.

Great comfort achieved by using high quality materials and technologies. Aesthetically characterized by soft attractively shaped lines, the system includes a color therapy module for studied sequences of colored lights, able to help you recharge your batteries, an Aroma Station + oxygen concentrator to enjoy aroma-enriched oxygen sessions and the musical egg-shaped chair Chromo.



O2 Cromo Emotion is our latest multi-sensory system studied for wellness centres and spas.

Chromoterapy – the "care with colours' - is based on this principle: we react to different light frequencies, according to the different shades of colour. Since the '50ies plenty of studies have been done on colours action on human beings. They suggest that warm colours produce an exciting effect on body and mind,while cool colors produce relaxing effects: changes have been observed in heart rate, pressure, breathing, anxiety level, skin permeability due to sweat changes and so on. (Check the references at the bottom of the page)

Now that you know this, what about spoiling yourself with colors?
And to enjoy colours even more what about breathing aroma enriched oxygen and listening to music into a wrapping chair?

That's what O2 Cromo Emotion offers you: a complete color-oxygen-music-aromatherapy experience.
Sit down into the blue egg-shaped CHROMO CHAIR with two integrated speakers, start getting relaxed listening to music and breathe deeply aroma-enriched oxygen while having your colors session thanks to the CHROMO MODULE.





O2 Cromo Emotion components:

OXYGEN CONCENTRATOR 6LPM connected with the Italy-made AROMA STATION in order to let you breathe aroma-enriched oxygen choosing among 4 different aroma blends.

Note: Our aroma station dispensers are made in Pyrex glass, our digital timers are all set to offer sessions of 10 minutes. Our valves are very precise in order to let you adjust the oxygen flow accurately.

CHROMO MODULE with its 40 LED at optical fibers offers 3 specific programs based on colored lights sequences with time control to relax and re-energize body and mind.



chromochair2CHROMO CHAIR oval egg-shaped chair including footrest.

External part: shell made in plastic reinforced by incorporated fiberglass, white color.

Inside part: it is padded by finishing in blue piquet cotton and includes two incorporated speakers and connection for MP3 or CD reader.

The chair hosts inside a flexible connected to aroma station, in order to let you breathe oxygen and aroma into the chair withour wearing any oxygen cannula.

Try O2 Cromo Emotion in a dark room to perceive and feel even more the colored light, enjoy the pleasure of listening to relaxing music and breathe aroma-enriched oxygen without any cannula. What else for your wellness?


barraReferences: some  studies on colors effect

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