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porty paradisepO2rty + Paradise: get relaxed with studied music, aroma and oxygen.

This system offers musictherapy by listening into the cutting-edge Paradise chair and the pleasure of aroma-enriched oxygen inhalation thanks to pO2rty. For an involving experience of relaxation.
Whiles the luxury oxygen bar pO2rty offers aroma-enriched oxygen to help you have a rest and let you recharge your batteries, into Paradise you listen to special music and get relaxed into a very comfortable sitting. The ball-shaped chair Paradise offers music-therapy sessions with studied music pieces and binaural beat hemi-sync stimulation.

barraparadise hemi-sync graphParadise helps you relax.

The powerful benefits of Paradise chair are based on hemispheric synchronization, which is induced by selected music therapy pieces and a sound technology called "hemi-sync". This technology can be used to produce binaural beats of every frequency.

Discover binaural beats means discovering how Paradise chair works.

Thus we will tell you: what a binaural beat is, which kind of relationship there is between binaural beats and human brain and how binaural beats can be used to produce hemispheric synchronization helping relaxation, concentration and creativity.

"A binaural beat is the presence of two separate auditory tones with equal amplitude and slightly differing frequencies" (Goodin et al., 2012). In other terms, if we listen to a sound whose frequency is for instance of 440 Hz (1 Hertz = 1 impulse for second) in one ear and another tone of 444 Hz in the other ear, the difference between the two frequencies will produce a binaural beat of 4 Hz in our brain. This electrical signal occurs with relatively equal frequency (Hz) and strength in both the left brain and the right brain: this creates a synchronization of the two sides of the brain.

The binaural beats interact directly with our brain waves, the brain's electromagnetic oscillations which are generally classified for frequency in Alpha, Beta, Theta and Delta. In this way the binaural beats can stimulate the brain enhancing learning, thinking, concentration, creativity, relaxation and sleeping: the kind of effect depends on the specific binaural beat frequency.

In all the cases a harmonious relationship between the left brain and the right brain facilitates wellness improving control of the autonomic nervous system, which is essential for a condition of balance. Thus the hemi sync technology used in Paradise can help relaxation and wellness.

On binaural beats there is a lot of scientific literature, HERE just some titles.

music therapy device oxygen bar

And all becomes even healthier and much more pleasant with pO2rty, the stylish portable oxygen bar that let you enjoy aroma-enriched oxygen inhalation while listening to Paradise special music.

pO2rty + Paradise is a relax system addressed to Clinics, Psychologists, Wellness & Relaxation Centres, Alternative Medicine Centres, Yoga Centres, Antistress Centre, Events.


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