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Boliss: the stylish Italian oxygen cocktail machine


System to make oxygen enriched cocktail in thirty seconds, using any juice or cold beverage.


It includes: an oxygen concentrator, an Italy designed & made oxygen concentrator holder, a Boliss blender and stylish LEDs sign.


Each bolissed cocktail is a fresh tasteful healthy mousse to eat with a spoon: perfect to help you recharge your batteries, improve naturally toxin excretion and boost the digestion metabolism. Thanks to the oxygen foam volume, each oxygen drink helps you feel full reveiling to be an original good light snack between the mail meals.

Have a cup of oxygen! unchanged taste, new feelings and unique healthy effects.

BOLISS is a system to enrich with oxygen in 30 seconds fruit juices, cold teas, milk, syrups and instant coffee, trasforming them into a fresh oxygen mousse. Unchanged taste, new sensations thanks to the light oxygen bubbles and a lot of health.

Perfect for coffee lovers, sportsmen, people in love with staying in shape, men and women that have chosen an active healthy life style.

Still pretty new in Italy, the concept of the oxygen enriched beverage has been studied abroad for more than 30 years.

Safe. Not medical. Officially approved from wellness institutions: BOLISS was approved by S.I.M.BEN (SocietĂ  Italiana di Medicina del Benessere, The Italian Society of Wellness Medicine) in 2012- 2013 (check here) and 2014 (check here).


What do you need to boliss (= enrich with oxygen) a drink?

You need 4 things:

1.a BOLISS structure including Italy designed & made cabinet with an oxygen concentrator (6 liters oxygen per minute, oxygen purity at the exit 90-93%).

2.a beverage for the cocktail: it can be an alcoholic fruity drink such as Sangria or an analcoholic juice drink. Anyhow to enjoy completely the healthy benefits coming from oxygen the best choices are cool teas and liquid fruit juices.

3.a BOLISS COMPLEX sachet / 2,5 gr (vitamin C nutritional supplement, registered at the Italian Board of Health, check here at page 221) containing egg albumin as a natural mounting media, vitamins and pomegranate juice extract, a precious antioxidant-rich plant.

4.an O2 BOLISS blender connected with the oxygen concentrator, essential to add oxygen and mount the cocktail, mixing in oxygen, the beverage and the BOLISS COMPLEX.



 BOLISS is available in three versions


boliss singolo bolissbanconefronte boliss bancone

1) Boliss Professional - compact version including a silver lacquered massive wood cabinet designed by the Italian Malik. Perfect if you want to insert BOLISS in an already complete bar.

2) Boliss Duo Bar - version for bar counter. The right solution if you want to include Boliss into your bar counter in your bar, pub, cafè, restaurant.


3) Boliss Bar Complete - version including a white luminescent bar counter. The right solution to ensure the maximum visibility to Boliss in your location.

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