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o2giraffe o2delight43O2Giraffe and O2Delight: luminescent oxygen bars capturing the rhythms of the city.

O2GIRAFFE and OXYDELIGHT are stylish and bright oxygen aroma units to catch the attention, even into crowded locations and, fire up the city nightlife with wellness too. Both combine design and technology: they include an oxygen concentrator, taking 93% pure oxygen from the air of the room, an "aroma station" able to flavour and deliver the oxygen enriched air, and a stylish luminescent look in 6 colors. The client can choose the flavour and the intensity of the oxygen flow. Everything for an elegant contemporary user-friendly wellness corner.


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oxygenbarOxygen Bar – enjoy and stay better every breath you take

Breathing in non-medical, scented oxygen enriched air at an oxygen bar help you feel gradually pleasantly refreshed and full of energy.

The Oxygen bar is a system conceived to help you recharge your batteries by means of breathing aroma-enriched oxygen, choosing among 4 flavors.
Like every good idea, the oxygen bar is simple.
Each O2 bar includes an oxygen concentrator, one or two Aroma Station (area where the oxygen delivered by the concentrator is flavored), furniture and decorative elements. Nothing else for a pure healthy entertainment.

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boliss new

Boliss: system to make oxygen cocktails in 30 seconds!


System to make oxygen enriched cocktail in a few seconds, using any juice or cold beverage. It includes: an oxygen concentrator, an Italy designed & made oxygen concentrator holder, a Boliss blender and stylish LEDs sign.


Each bolissed cocktail is a fresh tasteful healthy mousse to eat with a spoon: perfect to help you recharge your batteries and improve naturally toxin excretion. Thanks to the oxygen foam volume, each oxygen enriched drink is also a wonderful snack between the main meals.

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