beauty and wellness oxygen systems

o2giraffe o2delight43O2Giraffe and O2Delight: luminescent oxygen bars capturing the rhythms of the city.

O2GIRAFFE and OXYDELIGHT are stylish and bright oxygen aroma units to catch the attention, even into crowded locations and, fire up the city nightlife with wellness too. Both combine design and technology: they include an oxygen concentrator, taking 93% pure oxygen from the air of the room, an "aroma station" able to flavour and deliver the oxygen enriched air, and a stylish luminescent look in 6 colors. The client can choose the flavour and the intensity of the oxygen flow. Everything for an elegant contemporary user-friendly wellness corner.


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pO2rty - Breathe aroma enriched oxygen with style.

Compact and completely digitalized, Porty is our luxury oxygen bar. A system specially studied for the hotel suite that includes: an elegant oxygen concentrator holder on swivelling wheels, an Aroma Station, an oxygen concentrator and an integrated digital timer and session counter.

This portable o2bar is not only a good solution for hotels, it also ensures wellness and elegance to any location offering a relaxing break with aroma-enriched oxygen inhalation.

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o2smart o2fantasyO2fantasy & O2Smart: elegant portable oxygen ministations for your hall, your rooms and suites.

O2Fantasy and O2Smart are two wellness ministration to breathe aroma-enriched oxygen. These pieces of furniture,  designed and manufactured in Italy, include a small oxygen concentrator and a stylish luminescent sculpture lamp. Everything is contained into a compact elegant structure, easy to use and to move. Original from the design and the functional point of view (=offering inhalation of aroma-enriched oxygen for wellness), O2Fantasy and O2Smart are both stylish furniture complement for waiting rooms of professional studios, beauty farms, hotels, wellness centres and privates' elegant living rooms.


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