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oxyslim 22Oxy Slim: whole body vibration training, aroma enriched oxygen inhalation and colourtherapy.

The system, made of O2belisk + Combiplate, helps to burn fats, shape the body and re-energize. Rather than fitness equipment, Oxy Slim is an oxygen machine for fitness.

1. It stimulates the muscles through the whole body vibration training.

2. It offers aromatized oxygen for your wellness during the training (Exercise with Oxygen Therapy) and helps relaxation thanks to four colourtherapy programs.

 The vibrating plate Combiplate ensures 1, O2belisk ensures 2.





The system OXY SLIM is made of O2belisk, a tool offering aroma-enriched oxygen for inhalation and colortherapy for relaxation, and an Aerobic gym machine, that can be our Combiplate, a plate for whole body vibration training, a treadmill, a stepper or another device for toning and weight loss.

Breathing aroma-enriched oxygen while you are doing an aerobic exercise, a traditional one or a vibrating one, offers you several benefits.  OXY SLIM combining oxygen inhalation and aerobic exercise works on 4 levels:

a) It helps improving blood flow, improving cells vitality and metabolism

b) It helps detoxifying: the whole body vibration can speed up the lactic acid re-absorption, lowering the blood acidity, while the aroma-enriched oxygen can helps the liver to cleanse body from toxins.

c) It helps a sort of anti-stress action - Thanks to the vibrant workout the rate of cortisol can decrease, the aroma-enriched oxygen let us feel recharged and the colored light programmes (delivered always from O2belisk) let you get relaxed or re-activated. (Check the references on colors effect at the bottom of the page)

d) It helps prevention – O2belisk let you breathe more oxygen thanks to its aromatized oxygen enriched air, while the aerobic workout on Combiplate or another gym machine helps improving the breathing capability. For an improved oxygenation.



Breathing oxygen and aroma while an aerobic activity is being carried out can concretely help the oxygen absorption and the metabolism's efficiency: that's why OXYSLIM is good for sportsmen performance and help reducing fatigue as well.

Take into account that OXYSLIM is very pleasant as well: it let you enjoy 4 delicious aroma blends and it uses colors to help your well-being during the physical workout: the warm colors have an energizing effect, the cold colors have a relaxing effect.

The expert opinion

"In oxygen therapy addressed to sportive fitness I suggest to use a cyclette or another aerobic gym machine together with oxygen inhalation, because the effort increases heart beats and breath per minute."
Dr F. Millesi, Oxygentherapist










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