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Jaline Line: natural cosmetic products studied for oxygen facials & body treatments


Born in 2003, it is our first line of natural cosmetic fluids studied to be driven into the skin with oxygen nebulization. A professional solution for normobaric oxygen treatments (beauty oxygen sessions) and hyperbaric oxygen treatments (aesthetic medical oxygen sessions) for face care and body care, the Jaline line can be used at home as well, you just need to know the home protocols that do not require using oxygen.

The Jaline Tonics have a double usage

  1.  You can apply them on skin before the usual cream (or a Roseline Gel Cream) for daily skin care at home.
  2.  You can exploit all their properties using them for oxygen facials & body treatments, diluted with water and sprayed with oxygen on skin.

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Each single Jaline fluid is a herbal cosmetic product, to be more precise an antioxidant-enriched tonic with a specific action that can be mixed with the other Jaline tonics in order to cope with more problems during the same oxygen beauty treatment (for instance greasy skin and dull skin).


Jaline tonici perO2nebulizzazione grano lavanda

At the heart of these herbal cosmetics we call "Jaline fluids" a simple precious plant: wheat grass

Wheat grass extract is what we are talking about: a precious lymph we get from young sprouts of wheat, cut and juiced when the plant is just 1 - 2 week-old, tall 12-20 cm.

Moreover to prepare this precious extract we use a nourishing ancient kind of wheat, the Triticum Khorasan, that is a natural mine of Vitamins A, B, C, E, K, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphor, Zinc and Selenium, so that from the vitamins and minerals point of view wheat grass extract is very rich. Wheat grass is, in fact, recognized as a powerful natural antioxidant (Swati Padalia (2010), Multitude potential of wheatgrass juice (Green Blood): An overview, Chronicles of Young Scientists 1(2) 2010: 23-28) and a lot of other healthy properties are under confirmation process.

Furthermore, the wheat grass extract is gluten free, because the plant is picked before it starts synthesizing gluten.

Wheat Grass extract contains big amount of vitamin C, vitamin E, bioflavonoids, phitostimuline and chlorophyll.

  • Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that inhibits free radicals' action. It protects tissue from oxidation and it play an important roles in collagen synthesis. Essential for the connective tissue development, it is widely recognized as a substance having an important active role in preventig ageing and skin pigmentation.
  • Vitamin E prevents especially photoageing damage. It works as a powerful antioxidant and it increases the oxygen consumption inside the cells, ensuring a better blood flow.
  • Fitostimuline are produced by plants living in hard conditions, are preferred to the animal biostimuline because they degrade after a while remaining active into the skin for a longer period of time. They work as restitutive substances extremely useful for dried drawn wrinkled skin.
  • Bioflavonoids "naturally occurring antioxidants"
  • Chlorophyll - wheat grass is known as the "green blood" due to its high chlorophyll content which accounts for 70% of its chemical constituents (reference as above)


Jaline Line – herbal cosmetic tonics for face care

Jaline 1 – Regenerative tonic for all kinds of skin
Basic tonic for all ages, recommended for all kinds of skin, for men and women.
Ingredients: hydro-alcoholic wheat grass extract, calendula, aloe.

Jaline 2 - Tonic for skin prone to cuperosis and skin with redness problems due to outside agents
Tonic helping circulation, for delicate skin or skin with fragile capillaries.
Ingredients: hydro-alcoholic wheat grass extract, hazel, nut, chestnut, oak.

Jaline 3 – Anti-wrinkle tonic
Specific for tired, toneless and wrinkled skin.
Ingredients: hydro-alcoholic wheat grass extract, elder and ginseng.

Jaline 4 –Anti-acne and oily skin tonic
Studied tonic to balance sebaceous secretion.
Ingredients: hydro-alcoholic wheat grass extract, burdock, lavender, calendula

Jaline Line - tonics for body care

Jaline 5 – Firming breast tonic
Tonic to help improving breast natural elasticity and recovering tissues' turgidity.
Ingredients: hydro-alcoholic wheat grass extract, elder, European goats' rue, fenugreek.

Jaline 6 –Anticellulite tonic
Tonic that contributes ti drainage and helps firming and revitalizing tissues.
Ingredients: hydro-alcoholic wheat grass extract, bladderwrack thallus, ivy, lavender, calendula, chili pepper, ginger.

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