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legendLegend -Infrared sauna or oxygen bar? Both and more.

Legend is a special oxygen integrated IR sauna: an IR cabin equipped with a system to breathe aroma-enriched oxygen during or after the thermotherapy. A professional original solution for wellness and prevention. An Italian system reserved to spa and wellness operators.

All made in Cedar, crystal glass, pyrex glass and stainless steel, Legend includes a MP3 reader, a relaxing ceiling with optical fibres light sequences in 6 colours and a double control board to let you adjust the sauna temperature and the oxygen flow from inside and outside the cabin.

Healthy effects? Legend helps to fight toxins (Infrareds Sauna function) and helps a good oxygenation (oxygen & aroma function). While sweating we burn calories but burning fats requires a lot of oxygen, that's why breathing aroma enriched oxygen during the sauna has so much sense. Legend oxygen infrareds sauna session lasts just 20 minutes.



Why Infrared Rays?

Legend is a cedar wood sauna based on extreme far infrared rays
(4 – 14 μm) electromagnetic waves beneficial for the human body, able to heat us directly penetrating deep into the skin.

The IR (= Infrared Rays) help to:

  • re-activate the metabolism,
  • train our heart without being too stressful,
  • boost the sebaceous glands increasing the perspiration,
  • eliminate the excess fat
  • and remove subcutaneous dirt.

Everything at 45°C instead of the much higher temperatures of the traditional sauna. Compared with the classic high temperature sauna the infrared sauna let us sweat much more and eliminate more toxins, it doesn't exhaust heart and lungs and it helps maintaining a soft smooth skin.
Unlike the traditional sauna that is dangerous for old people, children and heart patients due to the high temperature (till 100°C), the infrared sauna has no contraindication except pacemakers holders.






Why oxygen?


Legend offers aroma-enriched oxygen inhalation during the sauna session because oxygen is a primary source of life and energy. Essential fuel for our metabolism, we cannot live or simply survive without it.

Pollution, stress, overweight, smoke and bad habits increase the toxins' production and reduce in different ways our oxygen uptake. Legend let us cope successfully with toxins and helps reducing oxygen lack as well. Returning oxygen means doing something good to recover mind concentration, beauty and energy.

Oxygen helps to

  • stimulate blood flow,
  • fight ageing as it starts,
  • strengthen natural body defenses,
  • enhance metabolic processes,
  • revitalize tissues,
  • detoxify blood,
  • make skin more radiant.

And there is a relationship between ageing and oxygen lack: "capillary numbers decline in elderly skin" (Stuttgen and Ott (1990), "Senescence in the skin", British Journal of Dermatology, 122: 43–48. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2133.1990.tb16124.x) Getting older the capillaries' number decline, this causes a general worsening of tissue oxygenation and a progressive loss of cellular vitality. Giving extra oxygen can help to obstacle this negative trend and improve the vascularization of the tissue.








aromiWhy Aromatherapy?

The nervous receptors of smell are at direct contact with the outside world, so it means that one part of our brain ends in the nose. That's why breathing oxygen and natural aroma blends into Legend means - from this point of view - enjoying direct wellness. Every aroma blend comes from an harmonious mix of pure essential oils, put together according to aromatherapy principles. For deep wellness and relaxation.


4 cocktails are available to suit different needs and tastes:

LINEA – depurating - Cedar and lavender

DISTENSE – relaxing - Orange, lavender, marjoram and lime

MOVI – energizing - Ylang ylang and cinnamon

ARMONIA – balancing - Rosewood, orange, cinnamon and carnation

Scent receptors in the nose are known to send chemical messages through the olfactory nerve to the brain's limbic region, which influences emotional responses, heart rate, blood pressure and respiration. That's how smells affect our emotions.




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