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oxygen2Discover oxygen properties: your new beauty-wellness friend.

Oxygen is the basis of our health main mechanism: metabolism.

It is oxygen in fact that allows human body to transform carbohydrates, fats and proteins eaten by food in energy: more oxygen we breathe more energy we make.

Sedentariness, smoke and pollution decrease our ability to absorb oxygen, while stress and bad dietary habits increase body oxygen need, encouraging usual syndromes of our times: mind and body physical tiredness and premature ageing.



Inhaling oxygen enriched air becomes important because oxygen energizes and revitalizes body and mind:

• It prevents cell degeneration and helps cell regeneration
• It prevents and contrasts ageing
• It strengthens natural body defenses
• It helps physical shape recovery
• It improves skin and hair look
• It enhances attention and concentration
• It improves microcirculation
• It relieves tiredness and sleepiness



Moving to oxygen beauty effects, spraying oxygen together with studied cosmetics on the skin is really useful to help you prevent and fight ageing.

Let's consider three points:

skin21) Once we have entered the 30ties, our skin starts loosing a big amount of its oxygen and, consequently, much of its vitality and capacity to produce collagen and elastin. Oxygen is a natural vasodilator that improves local blood flow: skin tissue start receiving more blood and with it more oxygen and nourishing, getting all is needed to work properly and produce the right amount of hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastin.

2) A substantial part of the upper skin (0,25-0,40 mm) is supplied by direct oxygen uptake from the atmosphere (Stücker, M., Struk, A., Altmeyer, P., Herde, M., Baumgärtl, H., & Lübbers, D. W. (2002). The cutaneous uptake of atmospheric oxygen contributes significantly to the oxygen supply of human dermis and epidermis. The Journal of Physiology, 538(Pt 3), 985–994). In this sense we can say our skin breathes. Thus our skin suffers from pollution much more than what we used to think: spraying oxygen on the skin helps to prevent ageing from outside!

3) the transport of water and cosmetic preparations is strongly improved when they are given together with oxygen spraying rather than alone. Oxygen pressure increases skin moisturizing, enhances transdermal water transport and, thanks to its vasodilator properties, increases skin permeability to drugs delivery. This means your skin with oxygen facials & body treatments can gradually become more moisturized, firmer, brighter and softer.


We can breathe oxygen enriched air, enjoy oxygen facials and body treatments and we can also eat and drink oxygen enriched beverages.

Io2cocktailn this case oxygen delivered to the stomach through an oxygen enriched cocktail (=any cool drink enriched with oxygen) can improve the whole oxygenation of the gastrointestinal tract.

The better local oxygenation helps absorbing the nourishings contained into the beverage. Furthermore, the oxygen enriched beverage helps you to cope with oxygen lack, boost the metabolism, reduce fatigue, stimulate natural body defenses and produce a temporary satiety feeling




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