beauty and wellness oxygen systems


Exar manufactures and sells:

  • spa equipment & wellness equipment
  • oxygen bar & multisensory oxygen relax corners
  • oxygen cocktail solutions
  • oxygen beauty equipment
  • multifunctional beauty equipment
  • organic cosmetics for oxygen facials & body treatments
  • organic cosmetics for homecare

R&D, Production and Sales in Exar are closely related to the main company services.


The Exar services are

  1. Consultancy for wellness centres, clinics, spas and beauty centres
  2. Scientific training on EXAR products, including bibliography of the sources used
  3. Sharing of the best practices and they new protocols any time they are developed
  4. Promotional materials for customers and their final clients
  5. After Sale Assistance on place, by phone, by skype. Answer within max 48 hours

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