beauty and wellness oxygen systems


Oxygen is the source of life and prime energy.

We can do without food and water, but not without oxygen.

Exar promotes oxygen excellent features and beneficial qualities, directing its properties at treatments aimed at improving face and body beauty, mind and body relaxation, thanks to cutting-edge equipment and natural products.

The result?

 22 oxygen based solutions for wellness, beauty (beauty & aesthetic medicine), trichology, fitness, well-entertainment and 3 lines of natural cosmetics for homecare and oxygen treatments.

Surf the website, discover all Exar and oxygen can do for you. Here more info about Exar company.

trattamenti ossigeno medicina estetica ExarWith Exar innovation is in the air.

EXAR has been working with passion in the market of equipment addressed to beauty, wellness, mind and body relaxation, treatment of anxiety and fatigue disorders. We use only cutting-edge technologies, innovative devices and methods, we rely on the experience and professionalism of the selected experts and specialist doctors who co-operate with us in this project. We offer high quality and we especially grant a wide range of products, diversified and organized in typologies targeted to meet wellness operators, beauty operators and private users' needs.

Since 1990 in the oxygen market with professionalism.

Born in 1989 in Liscate (Milan) with the mission to offer wellness to mind & body, we have always looked for innovative methodologies for wellness, beauty and sport. The company has quickly focused its attention on oxygen properties.

Today we have developed 22 multifunctional multisensory oxygen systems: they make EXAR offer special and different, addressed specifically to different targets

Our customers are Wellness Centers, Fitness Centers, Aesthetical Medicine Practices, Beauty Centers, Slimming centres, Hotels, Gyms, Pubs & bars.



The first Exar oxygen systems, studied for geriatric and sportive medicine, were born in 1990, thanks to the co-operation with oxygentherapy experts.

Then we launched the oxygen beauty equipment and the wellness oxygen systems, the EWOT (exercise with oxygen therapy) equipment and the hyperbaric oxygen devices for aesthetic doctors.

In the meanwhile, we have started developing our natural herbal cosmetics  to empower oxygen action.

The EXAR R&D team includes oxygentherapists, aesthetic medical doctors, designers, cosmetics experts and psychologists as well: this helps to develop solutions people are ready for. EXAR staff shares an holistic vision of the person, visible behind every EXAR product and device.

Today EXAR oxygen solutions are present in several countries through a network of exclusive country distributors.barra

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