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oxygenbarOxygen Bar – enjoy and stay better every breath you take

Breathing in non-medical, scented oxygen enriched air at an oxygen bar help you feel gradually pleasantly refreshed and full of energy.

The Oxygen bar is a system conceived to help you recharge your batteries by means of breathing aroma-enriched oxygen, choosing among 4 flavors.
Like every good idea, the oxygen bar is simple.
Each O2 bar includes an oxygen concentrator, one or two Aroma Station (area where the oxygen delivered by the concentrator is flavored), furniture and decorative elements. Nothing else for a pure healthy entertainment.



Today the majority of us suffer from oxygen lack.

There are many causes: ageing, pollution, stress, wrong diet and lifestyle.
There is one not medical system that can help you: the oxygen bar. It is, in fact, a pleasant entertaining way to enjoy extra oxygen helping you to recover energies and boost your metabolism naturally.

Breathing more oxygen, in fact, helps to

  • energize and revitalize body and mind
  • prevent cells degeneration improving their regeneration
  • fight ageing as it starts
  • strengthen our natural body defenses
  • preserve beauty(skin is the first organ showing the lack of oxygen through spots, wrinkles)
  • recover better and more quickly the right oxygen value after physical activity
  • increase cells functionality.




o2bar oxygen bar Exar




The Oxygen bar consists in 1 oxygen generator and 1 or 2 aroma station to let you enjoy breathing aroma-enriched oxygen, choosing among 4 different flavors, each one developed according to aromatherapy principles.
Nothing else for well-entertainment.

Each Exar oxygen bar expresses quality and design.

Our oxygen concentrator produce 6 litres of oxygen per minute (6LPM), at the exit the oxygen concentration is 93%.

Our aroma station dispensers are made in Pyrex glass, our digital timers are all set to offer sessions of 10 minutes. Our valves are extremely precise in order to let you adjust the oxygen flow accurately.

For the Exar Oxygen Bar you can choose to add to the oxygen generator:

n 2 Gold aroma station A for 1 person: 1 exit, choice of 4 aroma with 1 digital timer or mechanical timer;

n 1 Gold aroma station B for 2 users, starting in the same moment: 2 exits, choice of 2 aroma of the 4 available and 1 mechanical timer (you can have at the same time 2 clients, breathing oxygen with their own cannula from the same aromastation);

n 1 Gold aroma station C for 2 users, starting in the same or different moment: 2 exits, choice of 2 aroma of the 4 available and 2 digital timers (you can have 2 clients per time. Each one can start the o2bar session when he/she prefers, there is a digital timer for every person.

o2bar exar oxygen bar

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